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A new book & some retro "hits" to explore

 So, I am going to talk about one of the comics I read this month that is new; but thought it would be fun to also go back and talk about 2 comic series that are on Netflix right now. In Welcome to St Hell, Lewis Hancox explores and shares his journey as a trans-man.  He focuses on his high school years with a bit of college thrown in and by having his current self inserted into the story, the reader gets some extra nuance and context on the situations.  It really adds to the story to see "well, I know this now, but back then I was so confused" because maturing and living definitely gives perspective but also because being transgender can be really confusing and isolating.  Hancox's approach helps answer some of the questions cisgendered people often have without having to interrupt the flow of the narrative.   Everyone's journey is different, but this book was interesting and I encourage you to try it. Now for the "retro" I am sure I'm not the only one