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long delayed list of awesome books to check out

Klaus by Grant Morrison is an amazing superhero remake of the classic Santa Claus origin story.  As you can see from the cover this Klaus is not overweight and eating cookies, but he DOES magically make toys and defeat evil.  Morrison's classic art makes this into the most fun with a cheesy premise (that actually makes a good, not so cheesy story). Enjoy anytime, don't wait for Christmas to read! Family Style is a biographical tale of a refugee from Vietnam.  It is a touching story told both from the viewpoint of a child and an adult.  It has won some awards in the recent awards season, and is definitely recommended for you to try. Oseman continues the story of Nick and Charlie in vol 5 of Heartstopper.  I do love how Oseman continues to show us not just the main character's stories but the family and friends around them .....and this was very well done. Look on the Bright Side is the continuing story from Go With the Flow and jumps us right back into the character's li