Some heart-tugging books

Not Your Idol is not what I thought it would be.  Nina is a girl who chooses to dress in the "boys" uniform rather than the skirts the other girls wear, and is seen as "less than" by most of the school.  I thought, from the blurb on the back of the book that this would be a girl attempting to BE a boy novel, but it isn't.....Nina never denies that she is a girl, but has no desire to be seen as one, or at least not the traditional type.  The reasons for this are explored in this first book in the series, but even the back cover acknowledges that it is in response to an assault.  There is a lot of emotion in this book, and it explores the victim roles assigned to women, whether or not dress & attractiveness matter as regards an assault as well as what it means to be struggling with PTSD in the aftermath (although it is never actually said that way).  Some things are focused in a distinctly Japanese way (duh....manga from Japan); but some ideas are universal s…

A random list of comics & manga I've read this month, Saleena

Found some really cool new comics while on Quarantine; you'll likely see/hear more on the library's manga/comics blog....(hint hint); but here are the ones with strong ladies to represent.  This series, Sleepless, is not only an original (and very cool) concept; but also has beautiful artwork AND features a lovely lady of color.  Lady Pyppenia "Poppy" is the daughter (illegitimate) of the King of Harbeny.  Her mother is a Queen (or lady of quality of some kind, I forget) of a province far away, where presumably most have varying shades of brown and black skin; whereas Harbeny seems to be mostly caucasian derivatives.  Skin color has nothing to do with the story (which is nice); however, I wanted to point this fact out because...well, you just don't see enough comics of the fantasy genres featuring people of color (sadly).   Anyway, Poppy is unable to (and really doesn't want to) inherit the throne given her lack of legitimacy; and thus is subject to the new k…

Expect the Unexpected: when graphic novelists defy stereotypes, Sarah

On Two Graphic Novels from Our Library That Have Been Quarantined With me for Three Months... and Counting
For the first time in my living memory (and I'm old, I was born last century, last millennium even!), books checked out as far back as February, are still not due back to the library. On the contrary, we are being implored NOT to return our library books, as book drops are only so big, while a pandemic, evidently,  is longer than a piece of string by anyone's guesstimate. So it is I find myself in the company of the same book covers every night as I stare from my bed before sleep, and so it is that the two comic books in my pile, with their dramatic illustrations, jump out at me night after night, at times haunting me, at others soothing. The very graphic nature of a graphic novel's jacket is both its magnificence as a representation of the book's inner artwork and an indication of the (often gory) story within. I lucked out; the two publications that stare back a…

several very different books to talk about, Saleena

I was intrigued at the concept of this book, plus Garth Ennis is a known quantity (so many of his books are amazing), so I thought I would give it a try.  First of all (because I don't know who is reading this), this is NOT a little kids book, lots of violence and some sexual situations; think R rating if it were a movie.  Nonetheless, it reminded me of what I wanted the movie Peppermint (starring Jennifer Garner) to be (but it wasn't).  This is a lady who truly leads 2 lives; she is a homemaker by day and by night, an assassin.  She has trained to be an assassin in order to take vengeance on the family who murdered her father (which coincidentally is also her family; her father was a mob boss and his brothers have taken over).  I think Ennis did his usual bangup job of letting you get to know the characters a bit at a time; and he made sure that the situation was messy, because no one is perfect and DO you turn off being an assassin when you're done?  How…

Introduction to the blog and one of the bloggers (Saleena)

Hi,  I am librarian (20 years!) at the South Brunswick Public Library, and I used to only think of myself as a "book" person; forgetting all about the comics I read because "they didn't count".

Thankfully, the world has moved on and discovered that comics DO count and it's more of a format then a genre, and with all the movie and tv show adaptations; it has BLOWN UP as a genre.  However, one thing to remember is that not all comics are about superheroes, and not all manga has an anime series already up and running (also, the format of manga is beginning to be seen in NonFiction as well).

While I do prefer the speculative genres, I do love to learn things and have found the graphic novel format to be an amazing gift; allowing me to learn about someone or a topic in a less formidable but still informative style.  For the fiction....well, I do still prefer SF & Fantasy topics, as well as humorous stories; but again....will read anything.

So, this is the space…