April titles--featuring adventures of different kinds


Codex Black is a fun adventure in ancient Meso-america as two teens search for a missing father and find gods, ancient mysteries and more.

This was a fun story, full of color and details of life in a time that isn't often fictionalized and from a perspective of someone raised in Latin American and well versed in the history.  If you're looking for an interesting adventure in a place you perhaps don't know (but is based on historical knowledge) and featuring Mayan/Aztec gods and fables; this is a perfect choice.

Third Shift Society is a rollicking good time as Ellie discovers that she has "witchy" abilities and gets a job with Ichabod (yes, the pumpkin head guy from the stories) who runs an investigation firm for those with supernatural problems.
Ellie learns about the world along with the reader and it's just a fantastic escapist read for anyone who enjoy supernatural adventures.

A friend of mine recommended this title and even though it's not new, it's new to me and thus I am including it.  I found it kind of fun and humorous that the main character is just "hero-ing" for fun but also appreciate that the humor is a bit more subtle than in some manga.  I shall definitely keep exploring this series, maybe watch the anime....we shall see.  All in all though, another fun, silly adventure.

Lion's Game is a more serious story, set on the Ancient African continent but in a world where magic and shifting is real.  A young man is looking to redeem his family who were betrayed and destroyed (he is the only survivor)....this tale explains the history and sets up the adventure with everyone vying for a spot in a series of trials which will give great power to the winner.  

The artwork in this is spectacular and the story is so well done, this isn't a light-hearted tale but is enthralling in it's detail and storytelling.

Hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.



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