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Fun stories for the younger teen, or the young at heart

  Mia is adjusting to life with her mom and stepfather.  She is learning a lot about her Jewish heritage from her school and her family but she years for a connection to her father and her Native heritage.  When her mother refuses to allow her to visit, Mia sneaks off and goes to meet her father and his new family.  She finds herself learning all sorts of things about the other side of her family and their traditions.  Now she just needs to convince her parents to allow her to continue to be a part of both families and not just ignore half of herself. This was a really interesting story that tackles some heavy issues but remains grounded in what knowledge (or lack of it) means to Mia and how she handles figuring it out.  Prejudices and racism are discussed but are not overshadowed by the joy of finding ones' self through ones' heritage and family connections. Maisie is super excited to be going to Fancon.  She meets Ollie, a Fancon volunteer, and sparks gently fly.  This new cr