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March reads by Saleena

  Cat Massage Therapy is exactly what it looks like it will be....a sweet, adorable story filled with cute cats and people who adore them.  The basic premise is that these cats (who can talk) give massages, complete with purr therapy and other cat-like cute behaviors and when one man discovers their talent at relaxing him.....he can't help telling everyone.  As their popularity skyrockets, bodegas nearby are finding it hard to stock any tasty treats that the cats might like (they are paid in food, as is proper...don't ask about how they pay rent or how they sign are thinking too much). If you want a fun, silly read to take you away from the problems of the world; this is an excellent choice with really beautiful artwork and a fun, silly story. Adventures in Arden High continue with King Cheer.  Cheer Captain Leah is having trouble with college admissions and is really stressed out.  She decides the best course of action is to step down as Captain and focus on f