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Saleena 4/13/22

  I decided to reread the entire series, and finally got to read v 4 (bought it for myself, and hope to have a copy for the library soon). I am looking forward to the Netflix series, but am always worried they will mess it up. So, Heartstopper is sweet and awesome....if you haven't read it, you should.  In v. 4 Oseman dives deeper into depression, eating disorders and family issues but the optimistic spirit and the love still shines lovely.

The Times I Knew I Was Gay - Review by Jason!

Hi All, I am back again with another graphic novel hit! I was assigned this book for Garden State Teen Book Awards (where librarians and library staff read books at vote to determine which ones make it to the official ballot for teens to vote). I enjoyed this book a lot, I was happy to be assigned it because I do not think I would've picked it up otherwise.  It is about a girl who struggles with her sexuality. It goes through multiple iterations of her thinking she is gay, brushing it off just for it to happen again. I think this is a common occurrence for those in the LGBTQ+ community, so this might provide some comfort/justification for someone struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.  It was a quick read, humorously written. I would recommend it to all of you to try it, and it is available at SBPL! Enjoy!

Jason's Last Read - It's Your Funeral by Emily Riesbeck

It's Your Funeral is an excellent graphic novel by Emily Riesbeck. When a Marnie dies right before she changes her life around she gets stuck on Earth because she hasn't come to terms with her death. Therefore, she is assigned to an interdimensional case worker named Xel who will help her pass on to the afterlife. When that plan goes awry, she ends up interning for Xel's agency.  Overall, I thought this book was excellent. It was humorously written with many unique characters (I loved Carol). Amazing illustrations. Quick lighthearted read. I am hoping for a sequel! It is available to check out from other libraries (if you place it on hold, it will be shipped to South Brunswick!). Thanks for reading! Jason Information Assistant - Teen Services

New titles to consider

 Forgot about this blog for a bit, so here we are sharing again This book is a smashup of art and poetry that totally intertwines the two into one amazing piece of art.  I was blown away when I read it, and have since been showing it to anyone who will stand still for 5 minutes....and I am buying myself a copy.  The poem and the art are all centered on the Covid Pandemic; the trapped "can't breathe" feeling of quarantine--the worry for family and for the world---all from the perspective of one African American boy.  You can tell this is a work of love from both contributors, Jason Reynolds and Jason Griffin.  Stunning.  Go.  Read it.  Now. If you haven't checked out this horror series, you are missing out.  It is up to vol. 4, and I devoured book 3&4 recently.  This is a horror series, so it's violent (monsters killing children and all); but if you enjoy reading about monster hunters and secret societies, you will enjoy this.  Not for the faint of heart due to