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May=exploring new artist/authors

 Hi all, I have read 2 graphic novels by artists/authors that are new to me (and maybe to you too!) French artist Damezin introduces us (well, me anyway) to a piece of traditional Persian literature told in a graphic novel format.  The focus is definitely on the art, though the story is definitely there.  The book is beautifully illustrated and imaginatively interprets the words and emotions of what is happening in the story. Whether or not you are familiar with this piece of literature, I highly suggest trying this graphic novelization/interpretation.   Bunt! tells the story of a freshman student who finds out on the first day of school that her full-ride scholarship has disappeared; leaving her to find a way to pay for this very expensive art college.  She finds a loophole that says if a sports team can win a single game, all the team wins full scholarships (or at least a set amount for the year).  Determined to make this happen, Molly creates a softball team and works hard to get ev