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New & Fun Fiction Stories

  This book just called to me with it's colorful art and an interesting premise.....I mean who else besides a custodian cleans up messes of the multiverse?  I love that this important job sounds so......simple.  I adore that the main character had no idea what he was in for and so we got to discover it all alongside him.  Waiters built a story and solid, realistic characters but kept a sense of humor and a bit of common sense for his main character of Vern.  I would definitely recommend this book, it was really a delightful read. I am always a sucker for twisted fairy tales, so seeing this, there was no question of reading it.  I really was surprised at the combination of simplicity and depth to the stories and the art.  On the surface it seems just some simple stories with an LGBT twist, but it goes deeper if you look.... I am constantly learning about how what you expect a story to be is part of what we expect the world to be....and what speculative fiction gets to do is to exami

Nonfiction Graphic Novels

 Many people don't realize how many things you can learn from these nonfiction books done in a graphic style.  Here are some that I finished recently. This is an overview of important figures from Philadelphia.  A collection of biographies written and illustrated by a variety of local artists and writers and focused on African Americans from the Philadelphia area.  There are a lot of names I didn't know before and it is always good to learn more about people who made a difference. I highly recommend this book, it was informative and interesting. More history, this one focused on women's issues for both people of color specifically as well as women's rights in general.  Again, I love finding out about people I didn't know and this collection of biographies gives a good taste of a lot of people who fought to make a difference. Another highly recommended book, especially as a quick introduction to people you may want to look for deeper dives into their lives later. O&#