Nonfiction Graphic Novels

 Many people don't realize how many things you can learn from these nonfiction books done in a graphic style.  Here are some that I finished recently.

This is an overview of important figures from Philadelphia.  A collection of biographies written and illustrated by a variety of local artists and writers and focused on African Americans from the Philadelphia area.  There are a lot of names I didn't know before and it is always good to learn more about people who made a difference.

I highly recommend this book, it was informative and interesting.

More history, this one focused on women's issues for both people of color specifically as well as women's rights in general.  Again, I love finding out about people I didn't know and this collection of biographies gives a good taste of a lot of people who fought to make a difference.

Another highly recommended book, especially as a quick introduction to people you may want to look for deeper dives into their lives later.

O'Connor has been doing a series of the Greek & Roman gods for of course I ignored it until now.  I grabbed the latest book on Dionysos (or Dionysus) and really enjoyed learning more about this lesser known god's history.  I shall now be obliged to go back and read some of the others, because I can't leave them all unread (yes, I know, it's weird...but it's a thing for me to read all of a series).

Last, but not least is this really informative book about what it means to be asexual or ace.  I knew of the term and had a general understanding but this book really helped me gain clarity on the full spectrum of what asexuality is and some of the many ways it manifests for people.  I definitely recommend this book if you aren't knowledgeable about this subject as it is so easy to make a person feel "lesser" or to hurt them when you don't understand where they are coming from.

Thanks for reading!  


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