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Feb titles from Saleena

  I know this one is not new but I have never read it (really don't like the cover).  However, it was mentioned in a couple of "must read" lists and I decided to go for it....boy am I glad I did.   This is an awesome book where evil manifests itself as actually changing people (usually white) into monsters which the Sangerye family cures through root magic.  They are still living in treacherous times, 1920's Harlem, and are also struggling with a recent family tragedy of their own, where several family members were lost to the void (where the demons live).   The family is truly the center of this plot, showing the different ways they work and argue and love each other.  The art work is amazing (really not sure why the cover shot was many better pieces); and the fight scenes jump off the page.  I will definitely be finishing this series (it's a trilogy) and recommend it to anyone wanting a different kind of superhero comic. I didn't know what to exp