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New books to chat about!

Wanted to share some brand new titles, so I hurried up and read them just for you!  The Last Session is a fun story about a group of friends who starting hanging out in high school, when they turned their GSA into a Dungeons and Dragons role playing space (though they call it something else due to copyright).  They never finished the adventure and years later are finally making time to finish.  However, things are different as none of them are the same and one of them has brought in someone new....his new girlfriend.  She really wants to be part of the group but not everyone likes all the changes to the game, or to their lives. This is a fun and light hearted story but with a grain of a serious conversation about handling change, being kind and welcoming to new people (especially in a gaming space but honestly....I wish kindness happened more everywhere).  Even though everyone is in their early 20's, this book can be enjoyed by anyone, especially as they constantly flashback to the