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Introduction to the blog and one of the bloggers (Saleena)

Hi,  I am librarian (20 years!) at the South Brunswick Public Library, and I used to only think of myself as a "book" person; forgetting all about the comics I read because "they didn't count". Thankfully, the world has moved on and discovered that comics DO count and it's more of a format then a genre, and with all the movie and tv show adaptations; it has BLOWN UP as a genre.  However, one thing to remember is that not all comics are about superheroes, and not all manga has an anime series already up and running (also, the format of manga is beginning to be seen in NonFiction as well). While I do prefer the speculative genres, I do love to learn things and have found the graphic novel format to be an amazing gift; allowing me to learn about someone or a topic in a less formidable but still informative style.  For the fiction....well, I do still prefer SF & Fantasy topics, as well as humorous stories; but again....will read anything. So, this is t