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A wide range of stories read and reviewed by Saleena

  Lost in Taiwan is an interesting adventure where you get to watch a scared, lonely (and a little bit of a selfish jerk) of a teen go out and get lost.  While lost he is forced to interact with and experience things he never thought he would but he is also forced to reconnect with himself and who he wants to be as he navigates his way back to his brother's home. This is a fun adventure story with a heart, definitely recommended. Basil and Oregano meet at a magical culinary school.  Readers follow them through the school year until the finale, a cooking competition in which the winner receives free tuition and the prestige of being "the best" culinary wizard.  The author explores the callousness of the school being so focused on the competition and the lack of resources for the many students who cannot afford tuition as well as the atmosphere of desperation which happens when everyone is vying for a limited opportunity and all for very good reasons.  There is a beginning