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This book just called to me with it's colorful art and an interesting premise.....I mean who else besides a custodian cleans up messes of the multiverse?  I love that this important job sounds so......simple.  I adore that the main character had no idea what he was in for and so we got to discover it all alongside him.  Waiters built a story and solid, realistic characters but kept a sense of humor and a bit of common sense for his main character of Vern.  I would definitely recommend this book, it was really a delightful read.

I am always a sucker for twisted fairy tales, so seeing this, there was no question of reading it.  I really was surprised at the combination of simplicity and depth to the stories and the art.  On the surface it seems just some simple stories with an LGBT twist, but it goes deeper if you look....

I am constantly learning about how what you expect a story to be is part of what we expect the world to be....and what speculative fiction gets to do is to examine the expected and ask "what if?" and "why?"  This allows for some truly thoughtful stories and this collection was truly amazing.

This year Marvel & DC both released pride collections.  Next month I'll tackle Marvel, this month it's DC....and it truly is a smattering of well known characters who have come out or have wanted to.  The various stories span a range and some require some knowledge of the characters & universe; while others don't.  I really enjoyed the read, and it reminded me to go back and catch up on some stories I haven't read in awhile too.



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