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I have been meaning to try this series for awhile, and it did not disappoint.  The idea is that some people are actually immortal but they don't know until they fail to die one day.  Of course the government and other agencies want to use & experiment on these when Kei Nagai is struck by a truck and doesn't die....his entire life changes.

I only read the first but I will definitely be reading more!

I love humor in a story, and was hopeful for this one....and very happy I tried it.
The basic premise is that a dragon becomes a ladies' maid but she is clueless about what to do or what is expected.  It is adorable, as is the crush the dragon has on her "employer".   

I like to check out nonfiction stories as well, and Gao's story of struggling to fit in as a Wuhanese American growing up is really well done.  It isn't just the struggle of languages but also cultures; small town living vs American big cities and so much more.

Definitely an interesting read if you want to try something a little different.

Enjoy your reading!   Saleena


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