Saleena's picks for July


I am not a huge basketball fan, but everyone was talking about this book so I felt obliged to check it out.  I am glad I did!  This is another fictionalized true story of the author discovering the school's basketball team and its beloved coach.  As he learns more and gets deeper into everyone's head, he brings the reader along.  

This isn't a book that is for everyone but if you're looking for a thoughtful look at exploring sports from an outsider perspective, this is a really good choice.

This is a fun look at 10 lesser known people from LGBTQ+ history.  The author keeps it personal as to why they were chosen and does a brief biography of each person.  I would recommend this to anyone wanting a starting place to explore history as it is a quick yet educating read.

I had no idea what this was about, but it was recommended by someone so I took a chance....and boy am I glad I did.  Author, The Kao, translates and combines transgender issues with finding super-powers and the journey the character goes on is fun, sweet and touching.  The artwork is amazing and bright and you can feel the love the author has for the character.  

Basic story=Max is transgender and hasn't told his parents yet that he really isn't a girl.....then he finds out his mother (and her mother and so on) is a Magical Girl and his powers have activated......but they are very feminine.  Max is struggling to figure out how to save people from the bad shadows as well as figure out his powers, while trying to force them to recognize he isn't a girl (so please no sailor moon looking outfits!).  Cannot wait for the next book!


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