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Booth has written a fun and interesting twist on the "mistaken identity" trope by adding in a set of twins; one of whom has changed from private school to public and is dressing more masculine (actually borrowing a lot of her twin's clothing).  Everyone assumes she is a lesbian, without actually asking her, and no one knows about her twin (whom she now strongly resembles with a similar haircut & his wardrobe) of course mistakes occur and lots of craziness ensues.....all culminating at the dance at the end of the year.   Booth kept the story light but didn't shy away from complex issues (like gender expression and exploring your identity).  This isn't a perfect book, but is fun and is definitely worth a read

I really loved vol 1 of this, and am so happy that vol 2 lived up to its predecessor.  Our superhero is continuing to fight the good fight, but is emotionally exhausted and bruised by the constant arguments from his mother, who refuses to accept his trans identity.  This exhaustion and self doubt are affecting the super-powers (of course) but are also endangering everyone.  Honestly though, what I loved the most was seeing him so inspired when he realizes that each of his friends carries a light inside each of them and that they all believe in him; which gives him the confidence and the boost that he needs when mired in self hatred and doubt.  The author has written a fun and uplifting story with a lot of heart and some harsh truths about the difficulties of being accepted as transgender.

Rose dreams of being a chef, but is really worried that she won't be able to go to the school as it is really expensive.  Her best friend Fred works with his mother at the family diner and is worried that the diner will have to close due to financial issues.  Rose convinces Fred to participate in a televised cooking contest with a cash prize and a scholarship to a prestigious cooking academy.  Of course things are high drama (it is a show after all), and of course the two of them find they may be more than just friends (duh!); but all in all this is a fun, frothy read.


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