Saleena's picks for December

 This month I found two very different but equally awesome books to share with you.

Tommie Smith shares his story of the Civil Rights movement, his decision to speak out in a wordless but iconic gesture from the awards podium at the Olympics and the consequences he faced upon returning home.  This compelling story has an even greater impact as a graphic novel.

Who doesn't love desserts?  This historical journey through the history of some of our favorite yummy treats (along with recipes) is told in a sweet and fun style using magical fairies as the storytellers, enabling the reader to hear the stories, examine the facts and learn of conflicting origins but still keep a light airy style overall.  The only downside to this book is how hungry you'll be for some sweet treats while reading it (and afterwards as well).  I also love that you could read this as an adult or a teen, or TO a young child in small doses and then trying recipes.  Fun! Educational!



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