Spooky titles for the season


To sum up this quickly.....what if being in the popular crowd meant more than just being exclusive and meant changing who you are....literally?  Granted it seems like justice when the "squad" explains that while they are werewolves, they only prey on "slimy boys".....but as Becca discovers; who decides what is slimy and who deserves to die?

What happens when being a "demi-human" means being immortal but also being hunted?  What does it mean when one doesn't know they won't know until they are in a fatal situation but don't die?  That's what happens to Kei Nagai and he is now hunted and scared......one day, over-achieving high school student, the next hunted and turned into an immortal creature he doesn't understand.

Death Note is everywhere, but if you haven't read it, you really should.  It's cool and creepy and fun.

Have a Happy Halloween, Saleena   =)


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